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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

15 mốt zày gây hiếu kỳ !!!!


15 mốt zày gây hiếu kỳ !!!!

15 Totally Funky Shoes

  It is every designer’s dream to create something that’s novel and wonderful. However some of these designers seem to have focused too much on the novel part and forgotten about the wonderful aspect. Though certainly unique, will you actually dare to be seen with any of these out of the house? Presenting, 15 Totally Funky Shoes!


funky shoes collage



1-sandcastle shoes


Though these are sandcastle shoes, they could easily pass off as something else.  Designed by French designer and performer, Igor Dewe, these shoes are certainly one of a kind. I wonder what happens to them once you step out of the beach?



“Miao” by Kobi Levi. Aw how cute. And creepy.


3-alice in wonderland

If you’re a fan of Alice in Wonderland then these are the shoes for you. They’ve been designed by Nicholas Kirkwod.


4-lego shoes

Yes, they are actual shoes, and yes again they’re really made out of Lego!  British art and contemporary product design visionary, Finn Stone created these unique shoes. Wear them at your own risk around kids though!


5-leopard shoes

Tacky. Check. Give off an air of being a cougar. Check.


6-star trek

If you’re the kind of girl hoping to attract a guy with these distinctive Star Trek shoes, then believe me, you don’t need to worry because such guys don’t really notice that kind of thing. Unless you’re Princess Leia and he’s Han.


7-weed shoes

Crazy Marihuana shoes. Probably be a big hit on the streets of Amsterdam.


8-hedgehog shoes

Do they close-up in fear when someone comes too close?


9-geekiest shoes

This one’s for all the geeks out there. Girls and guys both.


10-lady gaga

Do we really need to say anything? It’s Lady Gaga after all! Wonder what she’s trying to promote with these horrible meat industry shoes?



Perfect for those with a sweet tooth!


12-guo pei

These impossible-to-walk-straight-in shoes have been created by Guo Pei-a Chinese haute couture designer dubbed ‘Alexander Mcqueen of China’.


13-blonde singer shoes

Awesome blonde singer shoes! Dedicated to all the Britney's and Christina's out there!


14-boxing shoes

I wonder if these boxing shoes are of any help during the actual sport?


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