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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Couple Happily Married for 70 Years Die Just Three Days Apart

Kp v chng zưới ni: Chng: 96 tui; v: 92 tui. Chung sng cùng nhau dược 70 tu

..nhưng chĩ chết cách nhau 3 ngày ..


'They lived for each other': Couple happily married for 70 years die just three days apart

They had been utterly devoted to each other in a marriage that lasted 70 years.

And last week Elizabeth Noble, 92, died just three days after her husband Fred, who passed away peacefully in his sleep on December 4, aged 96.

The couple, who lived in Wingate, County Durham, had been inseparable throughout their marriage and kept every note, birthday card and Valentine's wish they had ever sent each other.

Their family, while saddened by the loss, were comforted by the fact they were not apart for long.

On Wednesday they will all gather for the couple's joint funeral where Dame Vera Lynn's classic We'll Meet Again will be played.

Mr and Mrs Noble had met in 1936. Mr Noble proposed soon after but was then sent abroad with the Royal Tank Corps.

He sent a note saying: 'Cheerio, til we meet again' and it wasn't until New Year’s Day 1940 that they were able to marry during a 48-hour period of leave.

The nearly newlyweds: Dashing soldier Fred and pretty nurse Elizabeth pose on New Year's Eve 1940 - the day before their wedding

While Mr Noble served in Afghanistan, India, Burma, the former Ceylon and France, his wife was nursing injured servicemen with the fear that her husband could be similarly hurt or killed.

But he returned safely and after the Army became a miner, progressing to be a colliery overseer.

The couple had two daughters Yvonne and Denise, four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Devoted: The couple, who lived in Wingate, County Durham, had kept every note, birthday card and Valentine's wish they had sent each other

Happy 60th! The couple pose on their Diamond wedding anniversary. Their family said they were comforted by the fact the couple weren't apart for very long

Grandson Dr Andrew Rowland, a consultant in paediatric emergency medicine, said: 'They had a loving and very caring relationship.

'They were always together and they lived for each other and for their family.

'They were very traditional and private but having been through some of their papers we can see they cared for each other incredibly.

'They kept Christmas, birthday and Valentines Day cards to each other that they sent over the years.

'Having got to the age of 96 and 92, and having been so happily married for nearly 71 years, we think it is quite fitting an end for them to go so closely together.

'They talked about not wanting to go on without the other. My grandmother couldn’t imagine living without my grandfather and granddad had been absolutely devoted to caring for her.'


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